The stock-picking business is potentially very lucrative indeed, with tipsters able to charge a high price for often dubious recommendations. My view is that investors need to take responsibility for their own selections through the process of their own on-going education. In this way, not only can they avoid the “pump and dump” brigade, but they can also render for themselves a most significant advantage – that of real knowledge. Knowledge that, once acquired, will not be forgotten. But where should the aspiring speculator begin?

I have been very fortunate indeed to have a background in political philosophy, a background which has served me very well in being able to identify interesting and potentially like-minded thinkers. One such thinker (and successful speculator) is Doug Casey. And it was from a reading of the appendix of “Crisis Investing” that I met the name of Rick Rule. A fortuitous meeting indeed! The Internet has many pitfalls, but as a consequence of technology, I was soon able to come across the video which I am sharing with you now. I seldom read a book from cover to cover, but I have read the better part of several investment staples including Ben Graham’s The Intelligent Investor and most of Jim Slater’s books (The Zulu Principle et al) and which I consider to be the absolute essentials. I would put this video by Rick Rule in the same category as these seminal works.

If the idea of natural resource investing even remotely tickles your fancy, then I highly recommend that you watch this. As a consequence of the guidance it contains, you will have the ability to spare yourself significant losses and the time spent watching this video will be rewarded many times over. Last year, I attended an investment conference at which Rick Rule was a featured speaker. Subsequent to his speech, he was to be found holding court at a table outside the hall. Sitting across from him and talking shop was Jim Slater’s son in law, Angelos Damaskos (Juinior Oils & Mining Trusts). A crowd had gathered round. Someone should have filmed it. Now, Rule is a busy man but I did manage a brief word and made sure that I shook his hand. Well, wouldn’t you want to shake the hand of the man who once rode a mining stock down from 10 cents to a penny, bought substantially more at a penny (what stop loss?) and rode the gain back up to more than 10 dollars?

Watch this video. Absorb it’s contents. Do as I have done and put it on a DVD, or on your phone, and watch it again and again. My wife thought I was quite mad until she accompanied me to an investment meeting and where, even she, was able to ask of a mining executive one of Rick’s “nosey questions”!