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From: George Ashcroft <georgeashcroft@yahoo.co.uk>
To: “HARRINGTON, Richard” <richard.harrington.mp@parliament.uk>
Sent: Friday, 29 April 2016, 1:54
Subject: A constituent’s request


Dear Richard

As your constituent, I know that I can rely on you to seek out and shake the hand of John Mann MP on my behalf. I hope that in so doing, you will also congratulate him on his challenge to Ken Livingstone and afford him every encouragement and support in his on-going work in combating anti-Semitism in our society.
I know that you will also encourage your own party colleagues to do likewise – not least our Prime Minister, who I hope will be encouraged to commend John Mann from the dispatch box.
Yours sincerely
George Ashcroft

My interest in science extends beyond oil and gas and into the realms of biology and beyond. One of my “heroes” of science is Dr. Robert Lanza. What he is talking about in this video has, on the face of it, little to do with natural resources. However, it is our use of fossil fuels that has made work of this type possible. The human progress that we see around us is a function of our use of natural resources, including our harnessing and usage of fossil fuels. The possibilities for humanity are now endless – we have fossil fuels to thank for that.


I can’t think of a more valid reason to leave the EU than this. That the EU is working towards Turkish membership is well known. That Germany would sacrifice one of her own citizens on the basis that he “insulted” the Islamist President of Turkey beggars belief. It is on a par with our own support for Islamist rebels in Libya, Syria and Iraq. We live in perilous times.

A superb appearance from Alex Epstein before the Public Works Committee of the US senate. He could quite easily have referenced fuel poverty in the UK and the decline of the British Steel Industry – a consequence of the “green” policies promulgated by David Cameron. The suffering that Alex refers to in his testimony is already happening. Scroll to 7.20 for Barbara Boxer and the “are you a scientist?” argument which we have heard ad nauseum in Britain. Was it something he said?