If and when Trump is elected President, a large helping of humble pie will need to be consumed by British Politicians, from the Prime Minister downward. David Cameron has recently refused to apologise for calling Trump “stupid” and it was only in January that MPs debated a motion aimed at banning Trump from the UK. How silly they might look come November.

An interesting and informative talk from The Times Journalist Melanie Phillips on the state of The West today. Melanie makes many very good points. What we see in the world is a struggle between modernity and banality. The trouble is that many people would choose banality rather than make a fuss.

I don’t necessarily agree with Melanie about “Trumpism”. I suspect that Trump will be a much better President than many people think. Certainly, he has run a populist campaign in order to secure the nomination. There will clearly be a change of approach as we enter the presidential campaign proper. We are seeing signs of that already.


Who would have thought just 18 months ago that Donald Trump would be set to take the Republican Party Presidential nomination. The man I wanted to see as President was Newt Gingrich. There is some suggestion that Trump might pick Gingrich as his Vice-Presidential running mate.

If Trump actually wins the Presidency, the ramifications will be huge, particularly in the UK. Johnson, Farage, Corbyn – who knows who might Prime Minister in 4 years time.