In an unexpected and calculated move, Marine Le Pen has stepped down from the leadership of the National Front in order to position herself as being “above” party politics.

Emmanuel Macron did much the same when he left the discredited Socialist Party. We can expect plenty of twists and turns in the run up to the final poll in what has become something of a French farce.

Le Pen’s only feasible path to power would be if she were to secure the support of a sufficient number of both Conservative and hard-left voters to put her ahead of Emmanuel Macron. Interestingly, the left-wing candidate and a number of Catholic organisations have, thus far, refused to back Macron.

I wonder if it might slowly dawn upon remainers in the UK that Marine Le Pen could actually win the French Presidency? Will these people really want to be tied to a discredited block which has enabled Le Pen to ascend to the presidency of one of it’s foremost nations?

I believe that the argument for remain may well become a moot point. In the meantime, expect all hell to break loose if Le Pen is the victor on May 7th.

I anticipated a Tory landslide in the UK on June 7th from the very moment Theresa May announced that she was going to the polls. A Le Pen victory in France would almost guarantee it, as Briton’s scramble for the nearest EU exit en masse.


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