May could lose majority in parliament – YouGov study in The Times

COMMENT: That the Tory lead appears to have been cut so dramatically surely has much to do with the sanctimonious posturing of Home Secretary Amber Rudd following the Manchester suicide attack as much as it does the apparent climb down over the dementia tax. One suspects that, whilst Rudd talks a good game, there really is nothing there at all.

The personal attacks that have been directed against Jeremy Corbyn vis-a-vis his connections to the Irish Republican movement are quite astonishing, coming from a Conservative Party who were themselves in direct contact with the IRA, even as the terrorists reigned mortar fire upon Downing Street.

The British people rather champion the underdog and dredging up the past affiliations of political figures often has precisely the opposite effect to that intended – as today’s Tory Party is finding out.

That said, I find it almost inconceivable that the Tories could actually lose the election. Even in London and even among Labour voters, I find a sense of inevitability about a Tory victory.

However, the idea that the grasping hand of the state should have the power to seize the property of elderly folk who thought that they might be able to leave an inheritance to their children and grandchildren has gone down like a lead weight.

We now have the bizarre situation of Corbyn’s  Labour Party positioning itself as the champion of elderly home-owners!

How could the Tories get it so wrong?


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