London terror attack: Jeremy Corbyn calls on Theresa May to resign over police cuts

It is high time that the Tories paid a political price for their egregious complacency vis~a~vis terrorism over many years. Indeed, some in their own party have quietly, and sometimes publicly, been critical of the Conservative position.

The Tory record ranges from David Davis’s opposition to 45 day detention for terror suspects, through to William Hague and David Cameron’s open support (and funding) for rebel Islamist elements in Libya and Syria, otherwise known as ISIS.

The Tory record also includes Hague and Cameron’s vocal criticism of Israel in the fight against Palestinian terror, and culminated in Theresa May’s abolition of Control Orders and the cutting of Police budgets.

Theresa May now says that “enough’s enough”. She could have said that in 2005 when she voted against Control Orders. She certainly should have said it before she abolished Control Orders in 2011.

Actions, Mrs May, speak louder than words. If you are re-elected on Thursday (an increasingly dubious proposition) I will expect your tough talk to be backed by robust action – of the kind you have historically opposed.

I look for the return of Tony Blair to public life, a man who’s analysis of the terror threat was, and remains, absolutely correct. Look at Blair’s warnings to Parliament when he was Prime Minster – warnings that went unheeded by Mrs May and company. Look at Blair’s warnings since then – again unheeded.

Tony Blair was right to fund the fight against terrorism adequately.  Blair was right to stand with America in the fight against terrorist states. Blair was right to back Israel as night-clubs and buses were blown up by suicide bombers. Blair was right to try and facilitate peace in the Middle East.

Tony Blair was right to implement Control Orders. Blair was right to seek increased detention powers for terror suspects.  Indeed, Tony Blair was right to warn of the consequences of not doing these things – consequences which are now clear for all to see.

Isn’t it time for the politicians to admit the truth: TONY BLAIR WAS RIGHT!
Yahoo News 


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