East London Tories Call For May To Go


The Dagenham and Rainham Conservative Association have written to their Party Chairman calling for Theresa May to go.

Chairman Terry Justice and Deputy Chairman Peter Harris made clear that they want a new Party Leader.

Dear Brandon,

We write to you on behalf of the Dagenham and Rainham Conservative Association.

The dissatisfaction currently being shown with the performance of Theresa May and her cabinet regarding the so-called negotiations for Brexit has reached such proportions as to become a threat to the future of our party.

She has remorselessly and progressively weakened our position in her negotiations with the EU and is increasingly ignoring the wishes of more than 17.4 million voters, making a mockery of democracy.

There is every indication that if she is allowed to remain in office we will be left in an associated membership of the EU when we will have no rights of negotiation at all.

Should this be allowed to happen, it will probably result in the destruction of our party and you will have noted that there are already indications of a lack of trust in us.

Her recent articles in the national press in which she says “we should unite as one nation to achieve agreement with the EU” spells it out quite adequately. The EU does not want us to leave, so will never agree to us so doing.

Mrs. May is surrounded with those who oppose the will of the majority of voters. She must be replaced now while there is still time for her successor to reassess the UK’s position.

Yours sincerely,

Terry Justice: Chairman

Peter Harris: Deputy Chairman


COMMENT: It is difficult to disagree with this assessment. It will be interesting to see how many other Tory associations concur with this analysis.


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